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Semi-Gloss is a sadly defunct alternative pop/rock band that was based in New York City. They offered a fresh, minimal sound with a little jazz, a little lounge, a little rock.

So, you're asking: what happened to Semi-Gloss? They last worked on a CD in Los Angeles called "The Falling Kind".  The distribution was supposed to go nationwide in the summer of 2000, but Dirt Records didn't release it. The band decided to take a break after this disappointment and never got back together.

The CD was finally released but Dirt Records has been out of business for a while and the CD is difficult to find. As of this writing it was available used on amazon.com.

    Jordy Mokriski
    Jordy Mokriski 
    guitar, vocals,
    Verena Wiesendanger
    Verena Wiesendanger
    lead vocals, keyboards,
    Nigel Rawles
    Nigel Rawles 
    bass guitar
    Shambo Pfaff
    Shambo Pfaff

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